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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Commercial and industrial property's Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

"We’ve Got Your window Covered"

I&M Group has been proudly serving the commercial and industrial  sector for years.

No job is too small or too big for us. We run each project like the only project we have and leaving you with a building that sparkles and shines.

We can provided all cleaning supplies for you which comes from The Best Top quality locally own and managed trusted suppliers.

Services provided and not limited to:

  • Office buildings

  • Corporate offices

  • General offices

  • Dealerships

  • Retail facilities

  • Industrial facilities

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Golf course club houses

  • Condominium and apartment building common areas

  • Property managed buildings

  • Fitness facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Day cares

  • Churches

  • New home construction and Show homes

How we clean:

Reception, offices, cubicles and boardrooms:

  • emptying of waste baskets and recycle and line with plastic bags

  • cleaning and disinfecting waste baskets as they required

  • dusting of all cleared desk tops, shelves, office furniture, picture frames

  • dusting of all computers, copiers, printers and fax machines

  • telephone handsets and telephone bodies cleaning with disinfectant cleaner

  • cleaning and polishing of chair bases

  • disinfecting of all door handles and light switches

  • entrance door cleaning (wiping glass doors and disinfecting door handles)

  • non-carpet floor will be swept and washed

  • vacuuming off all carpet surfaces

  • dry dusting of window ledges and blinds as they hang

Washrooms and locker rooms:

  • cleaning and sanitizing basins, bawls, urinals and toilet bases

  • cleaning and polishing of mirrors

  • emptying of waste baskets

  • cleaning and disinfecting waste baskets

  • re-stocking hand towels, hand soap and toilet paper

  • shower cabinets cleaning and disinfecting (once per week)

Kitchen and Lunch room:

  • kitchen counters, tables and chairs wiped down with disinfectant cleaner

  • exterior cleaning and sanitizing of all appliances

  • interior microwave cleaning

  • spot wash exterior cupboards

  • cleaning with disinfecting chemicals and polishing of sink

  • tidy up items as required

Other duties:

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Commercial and industrial window Cleaning

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